Ultimate Aged Pork "Dry-aged Pork"

"Dry-aged Pork" is aged pork made using the "dry-aging method" and approved upon satisfying strict standards regarding a high level of quality control during processing. A long aging period of 30 - 40 days creates a rich taste with flavor (taste and aroma) that is incomparable to other pork.

"Premium" Pork Limited in Shipping Volume

As "Dry-aged Pork" requires strict quality control and a long aging period, only a few hundred hogs' worth of meat can be produced and shipped. The umami and flavor of this meat can be savored by sautéeing a thick slice as you would a beef steak.

Strict Quality Control by a Dry-Aging Expert under Exclusive Contract

A dry-aging expert under exclusive contract having superb knowledge of the dry-aging method control the degree of aging of "Dry-aged Pork." As even the slightest changes in temperature and humidity affect the generation of enzymes, an optimum environment is always maintained by performing checks every day in the morning, during the day, and at night. We can also provide meat with other levels of aging to suit customer needs.

Please feel free to visit us for a tasting.

Schedule adjustments may be requested
as the supply is extremely limited.