From Purchasing to Delivery
We deliver the "Takumi Pork" brand of
high-quality pork created with strict quality control

The Ogawa Group may have a reputation for beef, but we actually focus a lot of our effort on pork as well. We take pride in our "Takumi Pork" brand of high-quality pork that is a culmination of our know-how cultivated over many years. Similar to our beef, we realize the safest sanitary control and reduced costs by handling all steps from processing to shipping within the same factory. We deliver "Takumi Pork" that is safe and affordable.

Our supply of pork to the metropolitan area supported with producers

The Ogawa Group ranks amongst the top 10 domestically for the amount of pork we handle. Where we purchase such immense volume is Chiba, notorious for being one of the top 5 areas to raise hogs due to the ideal climate. Together with the producers in Chiba, we will continue to supply the metropolitan area with safe, reliable, and delicious pork.

Our techniques and latest facilities to respond to various needs

The Ogawa Group has advanced techniques and the latest facilities to not only produce standardized products but also meet requests that differ from each customer. We strive to respond as much as possible to various requests.

"Diamond Pork" - the best pork

We deal with one of Chiba's most premier brand of pork named "Diamond Pork." Rare "Middle White Purebreds" (acclaimed as becoming the most beautiful type of pork) for the pure white shine of its fat. Compared to other pork, the tenderness and juiciness of this brand is exceptional. This deeply flavorful meat rich in fat has unforgettable deliciousness.
Please try the best pork that the Ogawa Group is proud to offer.

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