Making efforts starting with the fattening of hogs
in order to stably supply safe and trusted pork.

From the fattening of hogs, through the country's largest meat factory, and to the dining tables of four customers.
We provide high-quality pork in a stable manner realized with the consistent efforts of the Ogawa Group handling production to distribution.

OGAWAfarm Co., Ltd.

Company Overview

Company Name OGAWAfarm Co., Ltd.
Address "I" Lot No. 1688-1, Asahi-shi, Chiba 289-2511

Omitama Farm
1763-5 Shimotamari Kakura-Kubo, Omitama-shi, Ibaraki 311-3432

Sawara Farm
1426 Ogishima, Katori-shi, Chiba 287-0801
Phone No. +81-479-64-1964
Fax No. +81-479-64-0544
Incorporated June, 2016
Representative Representative Director and President, Koichiro Ogawa
Capital 3 million yen


OGAWAfarm Co., Ltd.

"I" Lot No. 1688-1, Asahi-shi, Chiba 289-2511

  • 15 min. walk from Asahi Station on the JR Sobu Line

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