Delivering "Tasty Happiness"
with an Uncompromising Commitment to "Quality"

With our main business of supplying meat for consumption, the Ogawa Group has expanded into a wide range of businesses including intermediary distribution, operation of directly-operated restaurants, dressed meat retail, and production. Also, in recent years, we have been promoting enhancement of our comprehensive business relating to "Food" and this includes our overseas export business.
Livestock products require an extremely long time until they appear on the dining tables of our customers. We believe that it is our mission to take the precious cattle and hogs carefully raised by producers, lovingly apply final processing, and then, under meticulous control, deliver the meat while it is still fresh.
On a different note, one of the pillars that supports the quality of meat for consumption is none other than processing skills. For us, the techniques of masters passed on from generation to generation since the business was founded in 1938 are our assets and a strength that sets us apart from other companies. A single cut can make a huge difference in taste. Our ability to respond to various customer needs in a flexible manner is only possible with highly advanced cutting skills.
Furthermore, amongst our wide range of businesses, what we are currently focusing on the most are our efforts to provide safe meat for consumption that can be trusted. We were the first in the industry to introduce the "Traceability System" that enables tracking and management of beef profiles and obtain the "SQF" certification for satisfying standards of food product safety and quality control.
As the leading company in the meat distribution industry, the Ogawa Group will continue to pursue our strong beliefs of uncompromising "Quality." We will also make efforts with research and product development in areas such as anti-aging and health promotion where the interest of society is growing as we push forward with innovations in order to fulfill all sorts of expectations related to "Food."
The origin of all of this is the simple feeling of "deliciousness" that is felt when eating meat.
We will thrive to deliver "the happiness of food" to all.

Ogawa Chikusan Holding Co., Ltd.
Representative Director and President

Teruhiro Ogawa

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