Ogawa Chikusan Shokuhin Co., Ltd.

A company at the core of the Ogawa Group involved with purchasing cattle and hogs from producers nationwide, processing, and logistics.

Ogawa Chikusan Kogyo Co., Ltd.

A company holding one of the largest shares of purchasing/processing records at the Tokyo Meat Market for its strong product procurement capabilities.

Toso Shokuniku Center Co., Ltd.

One of the largest meat factories in the country that integrates slaughtering, processing, and packaging realizing high efficiency and excellent sanitation.

Ogawa Food & Services Co., Ltd.

Becoming closer to consumers through our restaurants. We will actively expand the range of our services.

Iwate Pioneer Farm Co., Ltd.

Operated by an elite few with a commitment to efforts to provide fresher products through direct delivery from the place of production.

OGAWAfarm Co., Ltd.

Making efforts starting with the fattening of hogs in order to stably supply safe and trusted pork.

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