The synergistic circle of the Ogawa Group,
satisfying the various needs of our customers

The Ogawa Group has created a distinct synergistic circle that combines the processing and sale of domestic livestock products, deep bonds with producers developed over many years, and the areas of our hog farming business and food services business while making use of the advantages of each element.
This has enabled us to build a flexible and rapid service system to not only realize stable supply to the market but also further satisfy the various needs of our customers.

We will exceed the boundaries of our meat wholesale business and
expand our area of business into that of a food product coordinator

The Ogawa Group accurately captures the trend of the times with a sincere attitude and aims to become a leading company in the industry that is always looking one step into the future. We focus resources on research and development by assigning experts with specialized knowledge to each department ranging from production to manufacturing, sales, logistics, retail, and food services.
Together with our customers, we are making an attempt to cultivate new grounds as a food products coordinator that steps deeper into all scenes related to "Food."

Our Quality-first Policy

We believe that truly excellent work is not something to boast but rather something that is recognized upon satisfying a great umber of customers. We are certain that delivering safe products realized by uncompromising technological innovations, without depending on our brand name established thus far nor pursuing the profits of our company alone, is our mission and our contribution that we can make to society.
Similar to how a small river becomes a clear stream and then spreads out into the big ocean, we will continue to excel into the future with our "quality-first policy" in order to provide a rich and safe dietary culture.

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