"Quick Delivery" is an advantage of the Ogawa Group
that utilizes a factory-direct distribution network

The distribution network of the Ogawa Group enables us to handle an immense volume of meat for consumption and deliver numerous products to our customers. Our distribution network is characterized by being sanitary and having minimal loss due to being factory-direct, and this has enabled us to realize delivery of products that are safe and fresh. Also, in order to provide high-quality meat at a price that our customers would be satisfied with, we make efforts to plan and propose products that suit the individual needs of each customer.

The strengths of our in-house distribution lies in purchasing,
processing, and delivering immediately from our factories

The strength of distribution by the Ogawa Group lies in our system that enables us to purchase meat from producers across the country, process this at our factories, and then deliver this directly to our customers. We are capable of quick delivery that can only be realized with our in-house management of all processes and flexible support to satisfy the individual preferences of each of our customers.

We can respond to various orders on a case-by-case basis
only because our factories and sales team are closely coordinated

By always maintaining communication between our processing staff and our sales staff, we are able to accurately respond to a wide range of orders. In order to reflect the individual requests of customers onto our products, close coordination within the factory is essential.

We happily deliver to restaurants as well

In addition to our wholesale business of delivering to retail stores, we also develop products for restaurants. We can deliver not only common cuts and rare sections of meat but also cuts prepared exactly as requested by a chef in small volumes.

Our export business

We also export our products to various countries overseas. We are currently making efforts to further extend our reach of global exports. Feel free to contact us in regard to business in general with overseas partners.

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