Cuts made by the hands of professional butchers that do not generate waste support quality
Our quality is equal to the skills of responding to a variety of orders

The skills that enable us to respond to a variety of orders are our strength. The process of cutting purchased dressed carcass requires the virtuosic butchering skills of professionals with rich experience. The passionate manual work with attention to where exactly the knives are inserted is what supports the high quality of the meat for consumption that we handle.

Butchering skills that don't even leave a slice

The skills of professional butchers are essential to maximizing the greatness of the materials of meat. Careful manual work is performed with our motto of "minimizing what will be thrown away" under our responsibility as one that deals with life. Meat thoroughly separated from bone without generating waste proves the advanced level of skills within the Ogawa Group.

Considerations are made for ease of cooking

In addition to how beautiful our products look, we prepare cuts that make it easier for our purchasing customers to cook different dishes.

An in-house system for flexibly responding to various orders

At the Ogawa Group, staff with a solid understanding of the flow of processes from purchasing to processing and sales will hear the requests of customers. Furthermore, we are able to flexibly respond to various requests in detail as we have our own factories.

Obtaining the SQF certification
to prove our beliefs

In order to realize our strong beliefs regarding quality, the Ogawa Group was the first in the industry to obtain the "SQF" certification for quality control standards managed by the Food Marketing Institute based in the United States.

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