We are able to purchase meat from producers nationwide

With the relationships of trust established with producers and the eyes of our professionals with rich experience, the Ogawa Group is able to stably supply excellent meat from anywhere in the country. We sensitively detect the needs of our customers and make full use of our streamlined in-house systems to quickly deliver meats to satisfy such needs.

Professional Eyes

The Ogawa Group delivers excellent meat for consumption selected with the eyes of our professionals with extensive experience and knowledge. We are always polishing the skills of such professional eyes in order to provide meat to satisfy customer needs at a price as low as possible.

Purchasing Ability

The Ogawa Group has a proven history of dealing most of the brand name meats produced nationwide. With the great efforts of our experienced staff at auction sites, our purchasing volume now accounts for one the largest shares at the Tokyo Meat Market. An important factor of our purchasing ability is to not only look at the live body but also take into consideration various data such as the environment in which the livestock was raised.

Stable Supply

Purchasing in the meat industry is easily affected by the weather and trends. In order to deliver the requested number of products to our customers at any time, we have been making adjustments and efforts such as by purchasing fixed numbers of livestock from producers on a daily basis. It is our important mission to put a smile on the faces of both producers and our customers.

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