Meet each customer's needs

From the selection and management of places of production to such as our purchasing ability at auctions, advanced processing techniques, and sales and distribution networks, we provide high-quality meat for consumption as well as services by maximizing use of our total ability as the Ogawa Group. In addition to providing a stable supply, we are always able to meet the needs of our customers.

Our desire to deliver
simply the best meat

Farms and Auctions

Selecting the places of production and purchasing meat at auctions are some of the most important operations in order for us to realize the quality standards that we have set for ourselves. With our rich experience, we purchase cattle and hogs of excellent quality. We also establish relationships of trust with producers which are essential.

365 Annual Auction Records

Communicating with meat
upon butchering

Processing Technology

With the butchering skills of veterans and the latest processing facilities, we flexibly respond to the needs of our customers. From the butchering of dressed carcass to packaging, processing is conducted through consistent steps. Our professional butchers value the weight of "life" and make cuts while communicating with the meat and making sure that not even the slightest waste is produced.

Maintaining freshness
for delivery to our customers with love

Sales, Distribution, and Export

We have structured our own distribution system in order to deliver our products more quickly and more efficiently to our many customers. From restaurants to retail and overseas export, feel free to discuss with us anything related to meat.

Efforts of the Ogawa Group

As demonstrated by how we were the first in the industry to obtain the "SQF" certification for quality control standards managed by the Food Marketing Institute based in the United States, the Ogawa Group will continue the pursuit of high quality.

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Image of Our Business

By being involved with all scenes of purchasing, processing, product development, distribution, and sales, we have realized an involvement with meat for consumption that is only possible by the Ogawa Group. By continuing to succeed and develop our ability and techniques that enable us to respond to the various need of our customers, we aim to realize "richer food and health."

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