Ultimate flavor created by time
Carefully prepared by a dry-aging expert under exclusive contract spending roughly 40 days

Dry-aged beef is created with the "dry-aging method" which involves a dry-aging expert under exclusive contract perfectly controlling the temperature, humidity, and wind inside a dedicated dry-aging fridge. Beef with protein decomposed over time and doubled amino acids, which are a component of 'umami' ('taste' in Japanese), increases its tenderness and transforms to create a rich flavor when aged to perfection. Please enjoy our "1000-hour Aged Beef" created using roughly 40 days (approximately 1000 hours).

Our Dry-aged Beef Products

We also offer dry-aging and processing to suit your needs.

  • Cuts
  • Steaks
  • Original hamburg steaks

Characteristics of Dry-aged Beef

Dry-aging brings out the umami of the meat to the fullest. Umami is concentrated, creating a unique flavor with a juicy and tender texture. Another characteristic is how this rich flavor increases the longer the meat is dry-aged.


The umami originally contained in the meat is concentrated. The deep flavor of this beef will spread throughout your mouth.


Enzymes slowly dissolve fibers and create a moist tenderness. This is truly the ultimate beef created by time.


The savory flavor that resembles that of nuts is the most appealing aspect of dry-aged beef.

Dry-aging beef greatly increases various amino acids which form umami

Dry-aging meat tenderizes the texture of the meat

Dry-aging Process

First, dressed carcass is divided and placed in a dry-aging fridge that maintains an optimum temperature and humidity.
With the "dry-aging method" where wind is used to dry and age the meat, excess moisture of the meat is removed allowing the umami to become concentrated. A surprising tenderness and aroma are realized after 40 days of dry-aging.

  • Dry-aging Step 1

    Dressed carcass is divided and exposed to an appropriate amount of wind inside a dry-aging fridge that maintains a temperature of 1 - 3°C and a humidity of 75 - 85% in order to remove moisture and concentrate the umami.

  • Dry-aging Step 2

    After 10 days of dry-aging. Enzymes have loosened the fibers and the meat starts to become soft.

  • Dry-aging Step 3

    After 20 days of dry-aging. A sweet and rich aroma and surprising tenderness is realized.

  • Dry-aging Step 4

    After 40 days of dry-aging. The blackened edges and excess fat and tendons are trimmed.

  • Dry-aging Step 5

    Only the parts packed with umami are delivered in vacuum-sealed packaging.

After the dry-aging process has been completed, only the parts packed with umami are vacuum-sealed and packaged as products. From there, the packaged products are delivered to customers as "1000-hour Aged Beef."

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