Delivering carefully selected beef from
the best farms across the country

Based on our trust established with producers over a course of many years, we continue our efforts to provide a stable supply of domestic beef that satisfies the needs of our customers. We deliver safe and appropriately priced domestic beef by implementing strict quality control and thorough rationalization of distribution.

One-stop "Flavor" and "Safety" for our customers

The Ogawa Group conducts in-house operations for all of the steps involved from purchasing domestic cattle, processing, packaging, and shipping. It is because of our one-stop structure that we are able to take the utmost care and perform strict inspections during each and every step. We constantly evaluate safety to deliver "Flavor" and "Safety" to our customers.

Butchering skills are a huge strength of the Ogawa Group

Butchering skills that maximize the greatness of high-quality beef are also a huge strength of the Ogawa Group.
Expert butchers make use of their experience and knowledge to not only bring out the best flavors, but also provide ideal easy-to-handle cut meat that fits the processing procedures and cooking methods used by our customers.

Our bond with producers enables us to provide a variety of domestic beef

There is nothing more important than our firm relationship of trust with producers in order to deliver beef stably. The bonds with producers that we have continued to build, regardless of any environmental changes, are what help realize our purchasing capacity as the Ogawa Group.
Through these partnerships, we are able to deliver a variety beef and branded cattle according to the needs of our customers.

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