As a supplier of beef,
we deliver carefully selected beef
from throughout the country to
fulfill the requests of our customers

With a refined eye for quality and the relationships of trust developed over the years with producers, the Ogawa Group delivers a stable supply of delicious beef to suit the needs of our customers.
We also offer aged beef made using the dry-aging method that increases richness, tenderness, and aroma.

Over 1500 Cattle Processed Monthly

Domestic Beef

We deliver high-quality domestic beef with our uncompromising values of "safety" and "deliciousness." We also provide cuts of meat sized and packaged to suit the needs of each customer.

1000-hour Aging Period

Dry-aged Beef

The Ogawa Group provides popular dry-aged beef as the "1000-hour Aged Beef" brand. We can also provide meat with other levels of aging as requested by customers.

For inquiries regarding beef: