ogawa Ogawa Group

Delivering the Best Flavors of Meat

Three Values based on Our Belief that Quality Always Comes First
The Ogawa Group Values the Quality of "Purchasing, Professionals, and Distribution"

Purchasing Quality

An Eye for Selection to Purchase the Best Meat at Auctions

An "Eye for Selection" is developed by looking and touching a countless number of meats from not only Japan but also throughout the world. This "Professional Eye for Selection" realized through the numerous years of experience supports the purchasing quality of the Ogawa Group.

Professional Quality

The Advanced Butchering Skills of Professionals

Meat can be made more delicious and tender, simply with how the knife is used. Specialists that have persistently polished their master butchering skills make every cut while focusing their nerves on the tip of their blade. By such as changing how cuts are made in different seasons, the elaborate technique of our professionals enable us to provide already delicious meat with even more tastiness.

Distribution Quality

Delivering High-quality Meat through the Safest Distribution

With our sincere desire to "deliver meat while maintaining freshness," the Ogawa Group has continued to develop and evolve our distribution network. High-quality meat can only be provided through high-quality distribution.


We Deal with "Life"
We take this responsibility to heart, and with appreciation, we strive to keep connections with every "Life" that follows.